I'M SONIA, founder of Recover Stronger
I am an Osteopath & Sports Therapist + Flexibility Coach + Entrepeneur + Educator + Athlete. 
My to go fuel sources are Pizza & Haribos and I am a Planet Lover & Houseplants Addicted on a quest to promote a sustainable life for our bodies and planet alike!
injury is an opportunity
After suffering a career ending injury at the age of 15, I tried to move away from sport and health & fitness, with a Msc in Marketing and Photography & a few years in the office, only to realise, I was not made to sit all day.

My simple injury, was mistreated as the healthcare practitioner didn't recognise my specific needs as a competitive athlete; I had promise myself that one day I'll find a way to help people avoid my destiny so  I decided to go back to school and qualified as a Sports Therapist first and then as an Osteopath.

I am passionate about helping people continuing their favourite activities and helping athletes return to their sport

Injury doesn’t need to equal to a ban from the gym.
It’s an opportunity to learn from your body, focus on your needs and Recover Stronger.

reach your impossible

I believe in always going for your goals, no matter how distant or impossible they might seem. If I have any regrets in life is not giving myself the chance to try sooner! I was scared to take on weightlifting - but ended up winning the 2015 London & South-East Championships; I always thought I wasn't good enough to compete in CrossFit, but ended up qualifying for the first 'serious' comp I entered (ok in last place but hey, I did get there and I wouldn't have if I didn't try!) and always being the not strong enough athlete both in weightlifting and CrossFit, why would I try THE ultimate strength sport?! 

Well from this video dreaming of a decent deadlift but actually being too scared to train for it (what if I failed?), to setting a national record in my category with 188kg (3.33x BW!).

What could I have achieved if I had not given in to the fears and started sooner?

What do you really want for yourself but you are too scared to try? 
I am here to guide you through the journey for an injury & pain-free and stronger life!
I believe in:
Supporting strong and resilient bodies. 
You might have been told otherwise and scared off movement, but you are strong, your body is capable of amazing things and the failure is in whoever tried to hold you back telling you not to do this or that.

Education & Authenticity
No BS allowed here. You won't find trendy topics, fancy exercises or the latest gimmicks. I aspire to truly educate you take control of your body. 

Shifting Opinions & 'It Depends' 
There is nothing more dangerous in healthcare and fitness than a practitioner who preaches one way as the only way. Esp. if it's an outdated one. My PROMISE TO YOU is that I'll never stop studying and researching and changing my mind even if it means going against what I believed if there is new evidence and research telling me I was wrong. Plus no one-size-fits-all here.

Above all, movement!
Whatever you love, as long as it gets you to move your full body, I'll support you!
some people will say i never settled
I don't like titles, they are too restrictive. I love helping people in different ways and I have been wearing many hats, but there's always more to explore too!

I'm simply me, loving training but also being lazy on the sofa. Loving nature & the planet. A flat full of plants & dreaming of a vegetable garden. Never stopping, always wanting to learn more.

Entrepreneur & CEO
This still sounds weird, but I keep reminding myself I need to be proud of my amazing businesses: P10 Fitness, fast becoming one of the leading gyms in south-east London; Sports Injury Clinic London, a centre for all your injury needs; Recover Stronger - what you are here for, building confident and resilient bodies - and Recover Stronger Education!

I discovered teaching is a big passion of mine. I am one of the instructors for StickMobility UK and I have recently launched Recover Stronger Education - a platform to help clinicians and coaches learn how to better help their active patients & athletes.

Sports Therapist & Osteopath
I am extremely lucky to be able to work with elite athletes from a vast variety of sports; from having been the lead therapist of a rugby club, to working with diving, powerlifting and weightlifting athletes to being a therapist for CrossFit Regionals & Sanctionals and most recently British Fencing and motorsports.

let me help you with free resources

Therapist or coach? 
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